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Motion for New Trial, ALLOWED

October 7th 2019
Motion for New Trial
A hard-working long-time public employee was notified that he had a record and that record was problematic. Attorney Barabino and client reviewed the matter. After collecting documentation from decades earlier and reviewing it, it appeared they plead delinquent to a felony charge. After additional review, legal research and interviewing witnesses, Attorney Barabino began to assemble the probable defenses which the young man, as a youth, simply did not do. As a result, various affidavits were assembled along with a motion for a new trial that justice had not been done. That material was complimented by an extensive memorandum of law which laid out all the facts. On the day of the hearing, the Commonwealth assented that there were enough defects in the decades old that that a new trial was warranted. And upon, that declaration agreed to dismiss the charges.
RESULT: Motion for New Trial, ALLOWED, Case DISMISSED.