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Cocaine Dismissed

December 20th 2019
Possession of Cocaine
Client was a hard-working contractor. According to Police, was seen purchasing cocaine from someone and was pulled over by police. When he was pulled over, he freely and politely admitted that he had purchased cocaine. Police gave him a summons to appears in court and before he had to appear Attorney Barabino got him tested for drugs and obtained a clean drug screen. When they both appeared in court, Attorney Barabino was able to negotiate a deal whereby the court would extend his arraignment for 3 months and during that time if client is tested and clean, he will never be arraigned and the case dismissed, BEFORE the arraignment. That day has come, and the case was DISMISSED prior to arraignment. There is no trace of the charges in any court record.
RESULT: District Attorney Agrees to PRE-ARRAIGNMENT Drug Testing and Case is DISMISSED.


October 25th 2018
SECOND OFFENSE OUI- Liquor or .08%
Open Container
Marked Lanes Violation
Client, was a world-class martial artist, dad and otherwise responsible citizen. According to the police, the client was driving erratically when a citizen called the police to investigate. When police arrived, they found client was operating his vehicle and in possession of an open bottle of brandy. The client agreed to a breathalyzer test and blew a .26 which is three times the legal limit. The Commonwealth sought a six-month suspended sentence and two-year loss of license. In addition, they requested a two-week impatient program. Attorney Barabino sought a first offense which the law allows, if the prior offense was more than ten years as was the case. Attorney Barabino provided a memorandum to the court outlining the clients unquiet and distinctive career path. In the end, the court agreed with Attorney Barabino for a 1st offense disposition. So, he received a guilty conviction, but as a first offender. The result will be he will be allowed to request a hardship license before the registry at a sooner date and support his family while maintaining safety and sobriety for the him and the community in general. Also, client does not have to attend the two-week impatient program.

CHARGE(s) DISMISSED on DAY OF TRIAL/Probation Extended

October 16th 2018
Violation of Abuse Prevention Order
Violation of Abuse Prevention Order
Violation of Abuse Prevention Order
Violation of Abuse Prevention Order
Client was a particularly pleasant father who had tumultuous relationship with his former wife. The client was charged with three separate complaints of violation a restraining order. All the charges were questionable but a conviction on any was sure to result in his incarceration. The charges were concerning for the court since the client was on probation for assaulting and beating his ex-wife already--a plea that he entered with another attorney. In the end, client and attorney Barabino requested a trial and at the day of trial, the District Attorney offered a deal which client felt was simply too good decline and accepted the deal. No additional jail and three of four charges dismissed.
RESULT: Three of the Four Charges DISMISSED; Fourth Charge agree to NO JAIL and Extended Probation for 6 months.

Negligent Operation, Speeding, Marked Lanes Violation, Failure to Stop, NO PROBABLE CAUSE FOR CRIMINAL VIOLATIONS

August 30th 2018
Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle
Marked Lanes Violation
Failure to Stop
Client, a bank professional with no prior criminal record, was charged with the above criminal offenses. According to police, he was driving at speeds well over 100 miles per hour and failed to stop his vehicle when officers insisted that he do so. Attorney Barabino was hired, and at a Clerk Magistrate's hearing, Defendant himself testified and provided evidence to mitigate the circumstances of the incident in question. Defendant testified as to his clean criminal record, his clean Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) record, and his genuine remorse over what happened. As a result, no probable cause was found for the criminal violations and Defendant agreed to pay $400.

Negligent Operation of Motor Vehicles, DISMISSED

December 29th 2017
Negligent Operation of Motor Vehicle
Miscellaneous Municipal Ordinance 14-1
Client was a young man about to begin his first year of college. According to police, he was driving recklessly, passing cars and almost striking an officer. When police stopped him they were concerned that he was under the influence of an intoxicating substance. In addition to the facts witnessed by the police officer, client was disrespectful and verbally combative with the officer. In the end, to avoid a conviction on his record, client agreed to being on probation for 18-months, a driver safety course, and an evaluation to ensure that he is not abusing illicit drugs. If successful, the charge will be dismissed at the conclusion of 18-months. Additionally, his speeding fine and charge was found not responsible.
RESULT: DISMISSED, on condition client completes 18-month probation with conditions.


November 16th 2017
Assault and Battery
Strangulation or Suffocation
Client was a young man just out of high school when he was charged with grabbing his brother and putting him into a headlock. Police responded to the home, charged him with a felony, and Commonwealth successfully imprisoned him until the day of his trial with no bail allowed. Attorney Barabino was successful in securing his release until the day of trial, despite the District Attorney arguing for a 58A Dangerous Hearing Detention Hold. After his release from custodial detention, defense made normal preparations for trial. At the day of trial, Attorney Barabino and his client announced “Ready for Trial”, but with minutes to go before empanelment of the jury, the District Attorney announced that the complainant was refusing to cooperate and could not go forward. Attorney Barabino requested dismissal of the charges. Case dismissed. RESULT: CLIENT RELEASED PENDING TRIAL, CASE DISMISSED DAY OF TRIAL.

OUI-drugs, Second Offense, NOT GUILTY, Failure to Stop for Police, NOT GUILTY

June 2nd 2017
OUI –Drugs Serious Bodily Injury 2nd Offense
Failure to Stop for Police
Negligent Operation of Motor Vehicle
Client, a retired teacher, was reported to police to be having some type of medical emergency and acting irrationally. Client drove off, driving erratically on opposite lanes of travel and reaching speeds of over ninety miles an hour. With police in hot pursuit, client hit a telephone poll, split it in half, while the car flipped over and burst into flames. Fortunately, police were at the scene to extinguish the flames, and rescue client. She was charged for OUI-drugs, failure to stop for police, and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. Attorney Barabino entered a plea on negligent operation, for which a disposition would take place in the future. The two other charges went to trial. A verdict of not guilty was returned on both the OUI-drugs second offense and failure to stop for police. There were challenges in the Commonwealths case and in the end, client was grateful for the efforts of all involved, including the police, who charged him. Another charge of serious bodily injury was reduced at a clerk magistrate hearing prior to arraignment.
RESULT: OUI-drugs, second offense, NOT GUILTY, failure to stop for police, NOT GUILTY.


April 21th 2017
Probation Violation/Surrender
A construction professional was on probation and charged with a new crime. The new crime triggered a violation of his probation. Attorney Barabino and client got new charge dismissed. The result was that the probation officer withdrew her request for a violation. At that same hearing, Attorney Barabino petitioned the judge to terminate his entire probation early and enter a dismissal. The judge, after a hearing, agreed, and the probation was terminated early and with no violation.


April 3rd 2017
Assault and Battery
Client was hard working contractor. He was charged with assaulting and battering his houseguest. Charges were filed against both parties as even the police believed “mutual combat” had taken place. In the end, prior to starting the trial, the accuser failed to appear—resulting in a dismissal of the charge. Case dismissed.


March 20th 2017
Client was a hardworking professional and father. Client sought the services of a person who attempted to engage in sexual relations for a fee, but found himself caught up in a sting operation coordinated by police instead. He was charged and arraigned in court. Upon reviewing client's background and the facts, which included a lack of criminal history, a deal was negotiated where the client would have the case dismissed upon a payment of $500.00. Case Dismissed.
RESULT: CASE DISMISSED, upon payment of five hundred dollars.