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Unlawful Drug Possession, Drug Violation Near School Zone/Park, MOTION TO SUPPRESS ALLOWED, ENTIRE CASE DISMISSED

April 4th 2012
Drug, Possession to Distribute Class A
Drug Violation Near School/Park
Client was a hard working tattoo artist who was charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Heroin within a school zone. The school zone charge is a minimum-mandatory sentence of two years in a house of correction. The police alleged that they came into his home and viewed numerous drug-dealing equipment and unsold heroin. The client had had a search warrant served on his premises merely a week before, and the police were eager to make a bust. In this case, the police received a 911 call that an assault took place at the premises and used that as part of their authority to enter the home of client. When they entered the home, they did not have a warrant, but did receive permission from roommates---but not enough permission to make the search legal. As a result, after nearly a year of litigating the case, Attorney Barabino along with the other co-defendants placed the case on for a Motion to Suppress the evidence that was recovered from police. The goal was to suppress the evidence (or throw out) all the drugs and drug dealing equipment from being used at trial as proof against defendants, because the search was not constitutionally legal. After the hearing, at which the police and defendants testified, the court issued a three page-decision agreeing with client that the police search was unconstitutional and all the evidence should be thrown out. As a result, the case against the client was dismissed on all counts.