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Domestic Violence end with PTP

December 17th 2019
Domestic Assault and Battery
Client was a hard-working government professional. According to police he assaulted and battered his child’s mother. Police came and arrested him at his home and brought him to court, where the court entered a stay-away order while the case was pending. Attorney Barabino was retained and quickly went to court to motion the court remove the stay-away provision which they did. A disposition memorandum was provided to the District Attorney and after several months a final agreement was reached whereas the commonwealth would freeze the prosecution where it was at in agreement for client to 1) not abuse spouse 2) comply with Department of Children and Family (DCF) 3) and finally get screened for abuse of alcohol and aftercare if necessary. If completes that process successfully over the next year, the case simply dismisses itself, no return to court necessary. And no admission of wrongdoing or guilt.
RESULT: District Attorney Agrees to Pre-Trial Probation, Retains the Presumption of Innocence.

Domestic Assault and Battery, DISMISSED.

August 29th 2019
Domestic Assault and Battery
A young married professional was accused of striking his wife. His wife went to the hospital with noticeable swelling on her face. Shortly after the accusation, the Defendant was arrested and charged with domestic assault and battery. Attorney Barabino and client began an exhaustive background summary of client and that material was provided to the District Attorney. In the end, Attorney Barabino placed the matter on for a bench trial before a judge. At that trial, the complainant asserted her marital privilege and the case was dismissed.
RESULT: Domestic Assault and Battery, DISMISSED

One CHARGE DROPPED, Other CHARGE, Continued with no Conviction (CWOF)  

May 22nd 2019
Breaking and Entering in the Nighttime to Commit a Felony
Assault and Battery on person Disabled/Over 60
Client was a hardworking father who came from out-of-state to see a country concert at Gillette Stadium. He saw the concert and much more. He became intoxicated, very intoxicated and was rummaging through what he thought was his friend’s car only to find out that it was not. The owner of the vehicle confronted him, and a fight ensued and he, according to police struck the man several times. The man whose vehicle it was very angry (understandably). The victim was and continued to be upset as the nearly year-long case traveled through the court system. The district attorney had been having sought convictions for the entire year as the case proceeded though the court. Something we were unwilling to consider. The case was marked up for trial and the defendant and accuser and others negotiated with moments before the jury was to be selected. After a long discussion with the accuser, Attorney Barabino, client, client’s wife and the accuser shook hands and client apologized for what was a major mistake that should not have happened-but did. The accuser was gracious, respectful and decent. In the end, we negotiated a full-dismissal of the breaking and entering charge and an agreement for a deferred judgement for a year which if he accomplishes probation, the case will be dismissed from his record. The deferred judgment is technically called a continued without a finding or “CWOF” so that the person admits to the acts, but a judgment of guilty is withheld pending completion of probation requirement. The condition of probation was anger management and a three-thousand-dollar restitution payment.
RESULT: One CHARGE DROPPED, Other CHARGE, Continued with no Conviction (CWOF)


September 26th 2018
Assault and Battery
Client, a young hard-working builder was accused by his girlfriend of assault and battery. The charges were weak and a product of her serious mental illness. Although serious mental illness doesn't mean your allegations are untrue, it can cause people to act irrationally and aggressive and this was one such case. She jumped on his bed while sleeping and threatened to break his television. And he simply refused to engage her hysterics. However, when police came to the house they saw her in bare feet and arrested him, as they assumed, according to the report, that given that she was in bare feet in 35 degree weather and the statements that client was likely the aggressor and he was charged. Attorney Barabino and client confidently requested a trial date and at the trial she did not appear so the case was DISMISSED.

Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, Malicious Destruction of Property, NO APPLICATION FOR COMPLAINT TO ISSUE

August 29th 2018
Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon
Malicious Destruction of Property
Client was a respected business owner who, according to police, threw an object at a car causing permanent damage to the vehicle. After the incident, words were exchanged between client and accuser (owner of the vehicle). When police arrived, accuser cooperated with their investigation into the matter, and Defendant was subsequently charged with two felony counts of Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon and Malicious Destruction of Property. Attorney Barabino was hired by client and gathered witnesses, photos, and others items and exhibits to offer an alternative explanation as to what happened for the Clerk's consideration. In the end, an agreement was reached by all parties involved that client would pay the amount of damage caused to the car in exchange for a resolution of the case.


August 23rd 2018
Client was a hard-working father, husband and employee. Objectively significant obstacles resulting in him disciplining his insubordinate daughter resulted in criminal charges of abuse. Shortly after the charge, Immigration and Naturalization took him into custody. His lawyer for his immigration case was able to secure his release from custody. Attorney Barabino worked with all involved, including the Department of Social Services and the District Attorney. In the end, the case will be dismissed with Pre-Trial Probation, which is not probation at all. As long as he stays out of trouble for nine months, this case will be dismissed with no admission of guilt. Client maintains the presumption of innocence and his clean record.

Animal Cruelty, DISMISSED

July 17th 2018
Animal Cruelty Chapter
Threats to Commit a Crime
Assault and Battery Chapter
Assault and Battery Chapter
Client was a young man who suffered from serious long-term mental health challenges. He admittingly committed an act of animal cruelty on his girlfriend's pet. In addition, he physically struck two people and made a threat of physical harm. Attorney Barabino got client released from a custodial prison request from the Commonwealth. Client was released to a mental health hospital. After months and months of care and treatment, Attorney Barabino and a number of support staff had an evaluation conducted with a goal to prove that client was not guilty by reason of insanity. Once that expert conducted the evaluation, a trial date was set and on the trial date, no trial was held as the victims were not available. CASE DISMISSED


May 31st 2018
Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon
Client, hard working union member, had an unexpected argument and exchange with a woman who he had never met prior. The argument escalated and words were exchanged. She then made an accusation that he burnt her leg with his lit cigarette which client admitted was flicked in her direction. She went to the police and showed them where she said a burn mark existed that she said resulted. Despite a great difference of opinion of accuser's account, including accusation of cigarette burn, client opted for a more safer result with plea deal. This plea deal included no anger management or drug screens and an agreed upon reduction from the felony change of "dangerous weapon" to the misdemeanor charge of assault and battery.

Assault and Battery with a D/W (Dangerous Weapon), FELONY DISMISSAL

April 24th2018
Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon
Client, a young adolescent, was being bullied and simply didn’t want to be bullied any longer. Finally, client decided to challenge bully to fistfight and subsequently won the fight. However, after the fight bully and called police and an investigation followed. According to police, client had hit him multiple times, resulting in a concussion and other small injuries. However, the medical documentation that the District Attorney sought was not available and co-defendants that had also been involved in the fight were not able to provide evidence. In the end, Attorney Barabino and client sought and received a jury trial date and when the person who made the complaint failed to appear as a witness at the trial date, the case was forced to be dismissed. Felony Case Dismissed.
RESULT: Assault and Battery with a D/W ( Dangerous Weapon), FELONY DISMISSAL

Assault and Battery, Disorderly Conduct, GENERAL CONTINUANCE DISPOSITION

February 21st 2018
Disorderly Conduct
Assault on a Household Member
Client was hard working cement contractor who was arrested for giving his son a bloody lip (at the police station). Client’s son was arrested for operating under the influence of drugs and client went to police station to bail him out. When son got aggressive with father in the police station parking lot, father popped him giving him a bloody lip. Father was arrested and charged with assault and battery and disorderly conduct. Eventually, a trial was scheduled and set and moments before the trial was about to begin deal was struck which the defendant would receive a general continuance for six months on the assault and battery charge. The disorderly conduct charge was continued without a finding for three-month’s time.