Young College Graduate Maintains NO Criminal Record

March 10th 2021
Indecent Exposure
Clerk Magistrate Hearing
Client was a young college graduate with no criminal record. A criminal record of any kind would likely have some impact on his future. A criminal record of a sex related charge would likely have the greatest impact. Here, he was alleged to had committed a criminal (sex related) charge of indecent exposure. According to the Police report, client had been out with friends in Boston and drank some alcohol. Then he attended a Bruins game and drank more alcohol. Then after he drank more alcohol, he decided to drink a little more. In the end, there appeared to be a dispute with a bouncer over his intoxication level which resulted in his displaying his genitals. Then he left the bar and displayed those same genitals to the male patrons inside the bar from the sidewalk. Shortly after, a patron from the bar came out and punched client in the face, which resulted in client no longer exposing his genitals. In the end, a summons for a magistrate hearing was scheduled. Attorney Barabino had client attend several AA groups and memorialized that attendance via affidavit. In addition, he drafted and submitted a long memorandum of the clients otherwise lawful reputation and history. The complaint does not issue.
RESULT: Young College Graduate Maintain NO Criminal Record.