Warrant Default Removal and No Convictions or Conditions of Probation

May 14th 2021
Assault and Battery on a Police Officer
Possession of Class A
Possession of Class A
Client was a very pleasant and decent guy who beat the odds of opiate addiction. Client had a host of open cases from years ago when he was addicted to opiates. After a period of several years, he got clean, was in a stable relationship with a good job—but he also had warrants for his arrest. Client and Attorney Barabino got to work and after a long interview and interviews with family members drafted long affidavits of support of his good deeds. We also had him drug tested. In the end, armed with a substantial amount of supporting materials, we had the default removed in the initial case which was for drug possession. Those cases were given a (continued without a finding “CWOF”) designation which allows for the matter to be dismissed in the future. Also, client was given no conditions of probation and permission to go to the next court where he has warrants without going to jail. Now, today, we resolve the second matter, after reaching out the officer himself, the DA, and others, and arguing for the same disposition. So, despite his otherwise lengthy record, client will never spend any time in jail, no guilty convictions, and no probation conditions. Everything dismissed in 180 days if remains out of trouble. Client beat addiction head on and beat the odds.
RESULT: Warrant Default Removal and No Convictions or Conditions of Probation