U.S. Army Soldier Keep Career

March 8th 2021
Assault and Battery Domestic
Clerk Magistrate Hearing
Client was a career U.S. Army Soldier on active-duty status with over a decade of service. If the complaint issued, his career would be over. According to police, his ex-girlfriend alleged that he struck her at the gym after a break-up. The allegations resulted in a charge of domestic assault and battery. Fortunately, the police filed for a clerk magistrate hearing instead of an arrest or summons arraignment. The police filed for a clerk magistrate hearing which, if we are successful, will never appear on any record—and not impact his career in the U.S. Army. Attorney Barabino and client spent countless hours preparing for the hearing reviewing witnesses and possible testimony. We also collected documentary evidence from social media, and prior police reports. In the end, both parties testified and based on the testimony the clerk magistrate determined that the accuser did not meet her burden of probable cause and the complaint WILL NOT ISSUE.
RESULT: U.S. Army Soldier Keep Career