Successful Magistrate Hearing, Leaving the Scene.

November 8th 2022
Clerk Magistrate Hearing
Leaving the Scene of Property Damage
Client was a most impressive young woman balancing a variety of life’s task. She was a fulltime employee, mother of three and a student, among other important obligations. She also had no prior criminal record. Here, she was doing her daytime task when she struck a fire hydrant and left the scene. The police had an eyewitness and did a detailed investigation whereas a review of videotape determined that she was the operator of the vehicle that struck the hydrant. The police were thorough and detailed in their investigation and sent a summons. A magistrate hearing was requested and today the hearing was held. After the submission of a variety of documents and arguments a decision was made that the complaint would NOT go forward and her record would remain preserved. The only obligation would be that verification of the damaged property be provided within 90 days.
RESULT: Complaint Successful Magistrate Hearing, Leaving the Scene.