Stolen Property Charge Does Not Issue

March 1st 2022
Receipt of Stolen Property
Clerk Magistrate Hearing
Client was a very pleasant young college student from a great family. He was given a clerk magistrate hearing to determine if the charge of receipt of stolen property should issue against him. The family quickly contacted Attorney Barabino and they began the process of strategizing how best to defend the charge. There was a clear and obvious goal which was to make sure that the charge didn’t go forward and sully and taint an otherwise promising future. Attorney Barabino developed several affidavits of support and combined that with a two-page background memorandum as well as College transcripts. Additionally, counsel worked with the co-defendant’s attorney to ensure the presentation was seamless and without inconsistencies. In the end, the hearing was held, and the otherwise life alternating charge did not issue.
RESULT: Stolen Property Charge, Doesn’t Issue.