Standard OUI, with Overseas Travel Permit, ALLOWED.

May 17th 2022
OUI 1st Offense
Very pleasant young professional was charged with OUI. The facts of the government’s case were strong. Client had passed out at a stop light and his companion was as well. The police reacted by breaking the windows on the car to gain entry. Although it may appear that breaking the windows by police was unnecessary, it was not, based on the good faith concern of well-being of the vehicle’s occupants. Client was arrested and the matter began to be processed through the criminal courts. Attorney Barabino met with client and the client’s family. They explained the process of OUI 1st offense and the options and probable outcomes. The quickly decided that a plea was the best outcome. Attorney Barabino developed a detailed memorandum of client for the purposes of impressing upon factfinders the importance of not getting a guilty finding. Also, the office developed a motion and affidavit petition for the granting overseas travel. Client and Attorney Barabino arrived at the next and final court date and the agreement for a 1st Offense disposition was granted, 45 Days loss of license, 1 Year probation and standard fees and fines. Overseas Travel Permit, Allowed.
RESULT: Standard OUI, with Overseas Travel Permit, ALLOWED.