SORB Reduction

July 22, 2023
SORB Registration Level
A hardworking medical professional had plead out to indecent assault & battery offenses with another lawyer, years ago. Besides admitting to the offenses, he was also placed on a registry for people charged with sex offenses in Massachusetts, called the Sex Offender Registry Board, (“SORB”). The SORB placed a level on him, and he wanted to have it reduced, so he retained Attorney Barabino. As a result, they began to develop a petition to submit to the SORB materials which would justify a reduction. The client had many helpful items to submit and was overdue for a reduction. Moreover, he had been fully law abiding in his conduct, remains employed and was in a supportive home environment, all which aided in making a powerful petition pursuant to SORB rules and regulations. The information gathered was put into affidavit format and as well as supportive memoranda. Once complete, it was sent to the SORB for review. Today, they issued a decision that they were reducing his level to a LEVEL I.
RESULT: Sex Offender Reduction Level, ALLOWED.