Short Probation For Casino Case

April 13, 2022
Larceny from a Person
Larceny Over $1200
Client was a very pleasant, very hard-working mother of four enjoying an evening of fun and relaxation at the local casino. She was charged with stealing a $5,000 casino chip from another player. Specifically, she was charged with felony larceny from a person and larceny over $1200.00, another felony. According to the police, she was playing with her friends which included doctor friend. That doctor friend was playing with large amounts of money which had been converted to casino chips. While he was gambling client gently slid one of the chips into her hands, she converted it to cash and at time was confronted by police. Based on the size of the theft she was handcuffed and booked and arraigned the next day in court. The case proceeded though the court system and various review of statements and more importantly video footage was analyzed. In the end, there was little defense, but to negotiate the matter which was something we had discussed with the Asst. Attorney General in the early stages. But given the confirmatory review of all the materials we were able to have one felony charge dismissed upon agreement and an admission of wrongdoing with an agreement that the case will be dismissed if no further trouble for a year and a letter of apology.