Assault and Battery, Malicious Destruction of Property, Intimidation of a Witness, ALL CHARGES NOT GUILTY 

January 9th 2009
Assault and Battery
Malicious Destruction of Property
Intimidation of a Witness
Client was charged with three charges listed above. At trial, the alleged victim testified that her ex-boyfriend was jealous and jumped into her motor vehicle on her way home from her employment. She continued to testify that he punched her in the face while restraining her wrist. After several blows to the face, she was unable to locate her cell phone and she added that he grabbed her rear view mirror off the windshield and continued beating her in the head with it. She immediately reported the crime and was interviewed by a specialist in domestic violence at the Salem Police Department. As part of the specialist's investigation, he corroborated the broken rear view mirror and took her shirt that had the buttons torn off into evidence. Also admitted as evidence was a signed letter to the alleged victim, admitting client hit her. After trial, the jury returned an acquittal.