Multiple Firearms Related Charges, Civil Penalties, Alcohol Beverage Under 21, CONDITIONAL NO JAIL TIME, DETENTION AND REMAINING CHARGES DISMISSED

November 3rd 2011
Firearm Carrying with Ammunition
Possession of a firearm without a valid License
Other Local Ordnance
Ammunition without Identification Card
Firearm carrying without a license
Alcohol Beverage under 21 Chapter
Firearm Obliterating Serial Numbers
Client was a visiting friend in Lynn, Massachusetts when police were called to his location. When police arrived they saw client, who was underage, walking with alcohol. When police approached him they stated he pulled out a shiny object out of his waistband and threw the shiny object about six feet. When police looked over at that location, they saw a loaded .22 Semi-automatic pistol. The Defendant was taken into custody and searched his person and located two switchblade knives as well. Client had a previous gun charge on his record that had been dismissed two years prior, which, although dismissed was not helpful to the perception of the client as a gang-member. After nearly two years of hearings, investigations, and motions, a deal was made that allowed Defendant to avoid jail all-together—despite the one year mandatory sentence that the law requires. Client made the final decision, and his decision was to take the deal. Client admits crime on mandatory jail sentence of one year—receives no jail after plea.
RESULT: NO JAIL After Admitting to Charge that Carries a One Year Mandatory Minimum Sentence, NO JAIL TIME. DETENTION AND REMAINING CHARGES DISMISSED.