Probation Violation, Assault and Battery, Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, Threats, Two Counts of Carrying a Dangerous Weapon, CASE DISMISSED

December 9th 2008
Probation Violation/Surrender
Assault and Battery
Assault with a Dangerous Weapon
Threats to commit a crime
Carrying a Dangerous Weapon
Carrying a Dangerous Weapon
Client was charged with threatening his girlfriend with a pistol after a dispute about his alleged infidelity. When he arrived home, they argued. Client denied ever threatening her and when police arrived they surrounded the home only to find client calmly working on his desktop computer. The alleged victim told several stories to police and the district attorney and at trial, she simply refused to appear -leaving the district attorney no choice but to allow the defendant's motion for a dismissal. The weapons that were found were also dismissed since they could not prove the "carrying" element of the crime.