Brave Act Dismissal

April 13th 2023
Brave Act
OUI 1st Offense
Leaving the Scene of Property Damage, 3 Counts
Client was charged with first offense OUI and three counts of leaving the scene after property damage. According to police, client had been driving his truck when he struck three inordinate objects. The client was arrested and charged with the above crimes. The leaving the scene charges were particularly weak since it was an automobile accident where the evidence was scant. Nonetheless, he was charged with the crimes, including OUI. Whereas he is a war veteran he was eligible for the Brave Act. The Brave Act is a law that allows for veterans who have served overseas and as a result of their service encountered some condition that contributed to the allegations. Here, the client was super diligent as he was already enrolled in the program without any delay. He also continued with aftercare. After a couple court dates, the petition from the Veterans Administration was submitted to the court. The District Attorney objected to the dismissal request, but the judge found that the elements of the act have been satisfied and dismissed all the charges. The crimes were then dismissed and client discharged.
RESULT: Brave Act Dismissal