Rape of a Child Investigation CLOSED

September 25th 2020
Rape of a Minor Investigation Closed
Client was a hard-working new immigrant father who had a raised a wonderful and loving family. He had never had any trouble with the law. He was contacted by law enforcement regarding sex-related offenses against a child. One of the most serious charges that one can be accused. His daughter reached out to Attorney Barabino and they quickly began advocating on behalf of the father. In investigations like these, the investigation takes some time and we use that time to influence the direction of the investigation. In this matter, we drafted and submitted a several page memoranda of the client’s background and positive history. We also assembled the entire family who supported the client and we provided affidavits in support of the client, which in this case was substantial and extensive. We coordinated with Department of Children and Family and all involved. In the end, no charges have been filed. Case Closed.
RESULT: Rape of a Child Investigation CLOSED.