Pre-Investigation No Charges Filed

January 4, 2022
Motor Vehicle Killing; Striking Dog
Client was a pleasant, out-of-state financial professional. While driving a motor vehicle client accidentally struck and killed a small dog. In Massachusetts a person can be charged with a crime if they kill a dog in this way and do not report it to the owner or police, he left the scene. In fact, a person who is convicted could face multiple fines or 10 days in a house of correction and a fine. Attorney Barabino was retained during the investigation phase. He reached out to the officer assigned to the case and entered into negotiations on behalf of client with the aggrieved owner. Thanks to his work Attorney Barabino was able to broker an agreement that was satisfactory to all parties. Police confirmed that no charges would be filed and that the matter was resolved.
RESULT: No Charges Filed. Nothing Entered on Client’s Criminal Record.