Out-of State Default Removal

October 7th 2020
Operating on a Suspended License
Traffic Violation
Client was a Florida resident who had an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Massachusetts. The reason he had a warrant for his arrest was due to a default on an outstanding charge of driving on a suspended license and a civil infraction. Attorney Barabino was retained and appeared in court in an attempt to remove the warrant without his client having to appear in the courthouse. Fortunately, the District Attorney was present and reviewed the particular circumstances in this matter and agreed that the default could be removed without his presence. A big win or the client since he avoided having to fly to Massachusetts to remove the default and also the removal of the default allowed his license to be reinstated. After that default removal, the attentive District Attorney and Attorney Barabino were able to review and discuss the matter further. In doing so, they were ready for the pre-trial date that was scheduled via zoom to be productive and efficient for the client. On the day of the initial appearance the Clients matter was dismissed in its entirety.
RESULT: Both DISMISSED at Arraignment.