April 22nd 2019
OUI- Liquor or .08%
Negligent Operation of Motor Vehicle
Client was a very pleasant professional within the hospitality business. According to police, client was speeding when they decided to pull her over. When they did pull her over, they smelled alcohol and began a series of sobriety test. According to police she failed the test and they noted a series of other alcohol related indicators of intoxication. She was arrested and charged with speeding, OUI and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. After a consultation and a decision with Attorney Barabino, client decided the fastest way to get the license back and move on with her life was a plea. Based on that desire, Attorney Barabino began consulting with the District Attorney and was able to negotiate the result below. Also, the case was brought forward in court at a date earlier than scheduled so the client could begin the process of moving forward as soon as possible.
RESULT: Shortest Probation period by law shortestProbation period by law received on OUI, NOT RESPONSIBLE on the speeding ticket, Negligent Operation, DISMISSED.