OUI PLEA | Hardship License Eligible

October 31st 2019
1st Offense OUI- Liquor or .08%
Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle
Marked Lanes Violation
Client was a hard-working established business owner. He drank more than expected while at the Encore Casino. He was pulled over. He was charged with OUI and related offenses. The government had a strong case client simply wanted to fix his problem as soon as possible with minimal intrusion in his life and daily routine. He reached out to Attorney Barabino. Attorney Barabino made an appointment with client. Attorney Barabino got his police report from court prior to initial meeting. They decided a plea was the way to go. After an agreement was made to make a deal, Attorney Barabino went into the court the next business day with a motion to change the court date and negotiate the case. He changed the date so client would not have to suffer an additional p[period of time without license loss. Moreover, when Attorney Barabino negoitated the case he was able to get all the other charges dismissed. And a plea for the OUI, which was the most lenient under the law.
RESULT: 1st OFFENSE OUI, Motion to Continue Allowed, OUI Continued Without a Finding, All Other Charges, DISMISSED and NOT RESPONSIBLE.