OUI 1st Plea

June 15th 2023
OUI 1St Offense
A very pleasant young woman with no prior record was accused of operating under the influence of alcohol. According to police in or about 2:45 a.m. client was operating her vehicle at a high rate of speed (50 mph in a 25 mph). The vehicle then traveled approximately 100 yards in the wrong lane of traffic when the vehicle was then stopped. Upon being stopped, the officer smelled the odor of alcohol and when asked they admitted they were at “the bar”. Also, an admission of 4 alcohol drinks. When asked she gave her inspection report and license and not her registration and license as requested. She was asked to perform field sobriety test and according to the officer failed the test. Also, the police were observant and noticed a freshly discarded drink which is presumed to be an alcoholic one like the empty one inside the vehicle. However, the police also mentioned the client was cooperative and our viewing of the booking video demonstrated a high level of sobriety. Giving everything on balance client choose to accept a plea deal that would ensure that she would not be exposed to a conviction and did receive a continuance without a finding. This continuance without a finding provides that if she completes one year of probation then this case will be dismissed. Also, as part of the agreement, she receives both civil violations as a not-responsible—protecting her from even higher insurance bills and surcharges.
RESULT: OUI 1st Plea