NOT-GUILTY of Assault and Battery on a Household Member.  

April 28th 2019
Assault and Battery on a Household Member
Client was a hardworking truck driver that was alleged to have assaulted and battered his ex-girlfriend. According to the ex-girlfriend he got enraged and smashed a coffee pot while they were on their boat. It was alleged that after he smashed the coffee pot, he grabbed the complainant and then held her on the upper chest resulting in her inability to move or strike back. This testimony was challenged by Attorney Barabino on cross-examination. And after the Commonwealth rested their case, Attorney Barabino called his client to the stand. The client was relentlessly and competently cross examined by the District Attorney. In the end, the jury closely listened to all the admissible fact and rendered a verdict of Not-Guilty.
RESULT: NOT- GUILTY of Assault and Battery on a Household Member.