NO Probable Cause Found.  

June 30, 2023
Leaving the Scene of Property Damage
Clerk Magistrate Hearing.
A kind and pleasant husband and wife reached out to Attorney Barabino after police had called them. The police alleged that the husband had stuck another vehicle and left---which was accurate. Although husband thought it was possible he simply didn’t see the property damage he caused and left the area. He quickly admitted to police that he was in the wrong and should had been more diligent. They sent him a summons. We had client return the summons to the court within the 4-day limit since then he would be entitled to a clerk magistrate hearing. As a result, they were given a future date for a hearing. Today, husband and wife went to court with Attorney Barabino, with background affidavit in hand as well as insurance certification that the damage had been paid and as the clerk decided that the complaint will not issue. No criminal charges.
RESULT: NO Probable Cause Found.