No Jail for CP Charge

March 4th 2022
Possession of Child Pornography
Client was a hard-working professional who was charged with child pornography (CP). The client had had search warrants executed on his home for what was essentially all his electronic equipment. When the police arrived that day, they already knew what they wanted and why. In investigations such as these the specialized investigative teams had already done significant investigation and surveillance. The client was arrested and charged and held on one hundred-thousand-dollar bail ($100,000.00). That meant the client could not be released from jail until he provided the court with $100,000.00 which he didn’t have access too. Attorney Barabino went right to work interviewing client now held in jail conducting interviews with family members in his office. Armed with that information, Attorney Barabino began the process of trying to get his client out of jail with a lower bail. Attorney Barabino appealed the lower court’s decision and was successful after a hearing. The judge whom he appealed the case to reduced his bail to ten thousand ($10,000) dollars instead of $100,000.00. Defendant was released from jail. Once they were released from jail Attorney Barabino began the process of fighting his client’s case as aggressively as possible. The process of sorting through the material was aided by two separate experts hired by Attorney Barabino. One expert was a former State Police Officer who was hired for their expertise in computers and another expert was an experienced forensic psychiatrist. In there end, there was little alternative to plea the case, a plea was had before a judge. Client not sentenced to any jail time.
RESULT: No Jail for CP Charge.