NO Criminal Record for Driving without Insurance

May 3rd 2021
Clerk Magistrate Hearing
Operating a Motor Vehicle Uninsured
Client was a very pleasant young man with no criminal history who was charged with operating a motor vehicle uninsured and the civil infraction of speeding. According to the Massachusetts State Police, client was observed speeding, upon which the trooper pulled him over for that civil infraction. After the motor vehicle stop the trooper realized that the client had no valid insurance and was in fact operating the vehicle without insurance---which is illegal. It is criminal. Attorney Barabino met with the family and after an interview and discussion began preparing the defense. After realizing that the lack of insurance was simply an oversight, we drafted affidavits of the client, and his mother. We also pulled the police report of the incident and his Mass. driving history. Together with that information provided to the court we waited for the magistrate hearing which was held today. At the hearing, the attentive Magistrate and State Trooper listened to all the facts and arguments and determined that the matter should NOT proceed, and the speeding ticket will be found NOT RESPONSIBLE.
RESULT: NO Criminal Record for Driving without Insurance