NO Criminal Charge for College Student

August 25th 2021
Minor in Possession of Alcohol
Client was a very pleasant and very accomplished young man. According to police, he was one of a group of underage people in a car driving late at night with alcohol in the motor vehicle. The people in the vehicle that were charged with being minors in possession of alcohol. In Massachusetts, is a criminal offense to be in possession of alcohol. This particular charge and the circumstances gave us confidence that this would be resolved at the clerk magistrate hearing. This is important because if it is—it never appears on the person’s record. And we always want to prevent anything from being on anyone’s record. Period. So, Attorney Barabino and client and client’s family prepared by obtaining the police report and developing a background memorandum on the client and reviewing the steps and processes to a smooth successful hearing. Today, client appeared, and the clerk agreed as did the police officer that the case WILL NOT move to arraignment and then not be on his record.
RESULT: Magistrate DOES NOT GO FORWARD to Arraignment.