No CARI/CORI ever for Felony Larceny

March 25th 2021
Larceny over $1200.00
Two very pleasant young brothers had a few drinks. According to Police, at some point after a few drinks, the decided to test out a police bicycle that was unsecured. One quick ride became another until they had absconded with the bicycles, very expensive bicycles. Upon committing the act, one brother was harnessed by the guilt of the felonious act went and admitted his misdeeds. The police interviewed that brother and collected all the evidence they needed to make convictions on both brothers. A clerk magistrate hearing was scheduled to determine if probable cause existed and if the case could be resolved. After significant pre-hearing discussion it was agreed that full restitution would bring the matter to an end without the parties having a court record. The matter results in no charges.