NO Admission of Wrongdoing

April 16th 2021
Domestic Assault and Battery
Violation of a Restraining Order
Client was a Professor who was charged with Assault and Battery on his wife and violation of a restraining order. According to Police, they received a call to the 911 call center. Upon arrival, they were told by a sobbing wife, the defendant grabbed her by the throat and pushed her away in an aggressive manner. The defendant was arrested and acknowledged the physical interaction with his wife. Based on the evidence collected by the Police department there was expected to be obstacles for success at any future trial. The wife applied for a restraining order after the allegations as well. Also, client violated that restraining order the first day resulting in a second charge. According to the wife, this had been a long-standing pattern of conduct. Moreover, the wife refused any reconciliation with the defendant and was adamant that he never to contact her. The District Attorney was insistent that a formal admission was necessary to resolve the matter. But after nearly a year of various court dates, supplemental court filings and volunteering for and accomplishing an anger management program, the District Attorney agreed to a Pre-Trial Probation (PTP) which halts the case where it currently stands before the court with no formal admission of wrongdoing. Here, they were willing to accept result so long as the engaged in additional conditions. But most importantly, the client cases is resolved with no admission of wrongdoing which will be essential for his career.
RESULT: NO Admission of Wrongdoing.