No Admission of Wrongdoing or Guilt nor Programming.

September 1, 2023
Domestic Assault and Battery
Client was a very talented and hard-working union worker charged with Domestic Assault and Battery on a longtime girlfriend. He had prior run-ins with the law from years ago. However, he had not had trouble with the law in many years. Here, police alleged that he was heavily intoxicated. They say he pushed this girlfriend onto the bed. Client hired Attorney Barabino and he immediately began investigating the event. He developed an affidavit from Client’s longtime girlfriend who disavowed Client’s relationship to the crime. She also informed the Victim Witness Advocate that she was not a crime victim and that she had no interest in the case going forward. The District Attorney’s Office evaluated the issues and after successful alcohol screens agreed to pre-trial probation on the condition of continued success a substance abuse evaluation which he passed.
RESULT: No Admission of Wrongdoing or Guilt nor Programming.