Negligent Operation Take Right Turn

June 16th 2021
Negligent Operation of Motor Vehicle
Failure to Stop for Police
6 Separate Civil Violations
Client was a very pleasant young father who appeared to police to be engaging in suspicious illegal conduct. As a result, the State Police pulled the client over. When the police pulled the client over, he complied with the request. However, the stop was taking an extended period. The Police officer was unaware that client was recovering for four separate bullet wounds from just several weeks prior. As a result, the emotional state of the client was not clear and the event was particularly distressing. This stop was very distressing to the client and eventually he panicked and drove away. A warrant was issued for his arrest and he contacted Attorney Barabino. Client took the charges very serious and that was reflected in the particular preparation he and Attorney Barabino took in preparing to remove the warrant and get formally charged. Extensive interview and preparation. Moreover, it appeared to Attorney Barabino that the act of fleeing police was related to PTSD which resulted in getting the client admitted into therapy. In the end, we removed the warrant with ease and eventually negotiated a disposition where the client’s charges will be dismissed with no probation or admission of guilt if he takes a driver safety course and continues with therapy for 6 months. In addition, the client was charged with 6 separate civil violations which were all deemed NOT RESPONSIBLE.
RESULT: Negligent Operation Take Right Turn.