May 14th 2024
Unlawful Possession of Theft Detection Device Deactivator or Remover
Unlawful Deactivation or Removal of Theft Detection Device
Shoplifting by Concealing Merchandise
Client was super hard-working father with a lot of responsibilities with his two jobs and several children of various ages. Here, client was shopping when he used a device known as a Q4 Security Peg Key which is used to remove merchandise from anti-theft containers. He was seen taking some of the items and was confronted by security. He respectfully cooperated and police came, and they arrested client. The charges were, in part, felonies, and they are also crimes of moral turpitude, so for non-citizens, as he was, this would be serious immigration consequences if he even admitted to one. A deal was eventually struck where he would perform a remedial program and the case would remain open for a year---and no admission of wrongdoing—or immigration consequence.
RESULT: Motion for Judicial Diversion Filed, PTP Offered and Accepted.