Magistrate Hearing For Driving Offenses Successful

November 3rd 2021
Clerk Magistrate Hearing
License Suspended, Operation
Speeding in Special Regulation
Inspection Sticker Violation
Registration Suspended
Client was a very pleasant professional on a F-1 Visa. Client was charged with a variety of low level infractions and criminal offenses. The client was charged with no valid license and speeding, no valid registration, and a bad emission sticker. Client simply made some oversights of this normally responsible lifestyle and when he was caught speeding-- the other charges were identified. Fortunately, client reached out to Attorney Barabino without delay. As a result, client knew to bring the ticket to the courthouse within fours day and after that he and Attorney Barabino began planning for a clerk magistrate hearing. A clerk magistrate or probable cause hearing allows for the case to be reviewed PRIOR to formal issuing of the complaint. If successful, no record of the events will appear on the clients background check. In preparation for the hearing, he had client sign up for an 8-hour driving class, take the vehicle off the road and finally submitted a four page background affidavit of the otherwise very responsible client at the Magistrate Hearing. In the end, the case DOES NOT got forward, including the speeding ticket. CASE CLOSED.
RESULT: Magistrate Hearing For Driving Offenses Successful.