May 16, 2024
Breaking and Entering for a Misdemeanor
Threat to Commit a Crime
Attempt to Commit a Crime
Witness Intimidation aggravated (2 Counts)
Client was a young teen engaging in a social media challenge. That challenge resulted in the police being called. There was more than one incident. The “challenge” was that young people harshly knock on a random stranger’s door and run away. The homeowner was rightly concerned as he did not know the intentions of the people doing this to him. They found it concerning and disturbing. A second time, the challenge occurred, and the homeowner was able to detain one youth. Also, during this exchange there was a statement made to the homeowner that was intimidating of the person. Also, shortly after this, client apparently sent out an offensive message about the police officer that was investigating. As a result, several charges were filed, some felonies. The family didn’t wait to take action to redirect the young man to more supervised and productive behaviors. They initiated a wide range of rehabilitative and punitive remedies---all with love of ensuring that a good kid stays a good kid without a criminal record. In preparation for the hearing, the police reports were obtained and a super detailed memorandum arguing against probable cause was filed as well as affidavits of the family members. In the end, the magistrate was content with client continuing to do the great work that he was doing under the direction of his parents, as well as a letter of apology to the homeowner. The charges do not issue against Client.
RESULT: Magistrate Declines to Issue Complaint, Preserving Record.