Leaving the Scene of (Serious) Bodily Injury

December 20, 2022
Leaving the Scene of Personal Injury
Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle
Civil Infractions
Client was a hardworking and responsible member of the community with no prior record charged with striking a person with her car and leaving the scene. The case began with a late-night call to Attorney Barabino which immediately led to an early morning consultation. Client retained Attorney Barabino and strategically advised Client to turn herself in to State Police. The case was well-publicized, but thanks to documents provided to Police when Client turned herself in, including her background and history, Police did not take her into custody and merely issued a criminal summons. In only a few weeks’ time, Client settled with complainant a pending insurance claim at her policy’s maximum of $100,000. Client was arraigned and the case proceeded through the court system, where Attorney Barabino continued to negotiate and highlight Client’s good background to the District Attorney’s office. Eventually, Client agreed to a plea where the Negligent Operation charge would be dismissed after a period of probation, the civil citations would be dismissed “Not Responsible” and, although Client would plead guilty to the Leaving the Scene charge, she would not serve any jail time. Given the serious injury caused to the complainant by the car accident, no committed time was a major accomplishment.
RESULT: Negligent Operation to be dismissed after probation; civil infractions dismissed; client avoids committed time after serious car accident