Leaving the Scene Charge DOES NOT Issue Against Client

December 15th 2021
Leaving the Scene of Property Damage
Magistrate Hearing
Client was a very pleasant pharmaceutical professional who was charged with leaving the scene of property damage. When Attorney Barabino was retained, client had already received notice of the magistrate hearing and had obtained the police report and accident report(s). So that step being completed client and Attorney Barabino went to work. First developing a background memorandum on client after a detailed interview and also developing a legal memorandum of law. In addition, preparing client to testify at the hearing. And lastly, obtaining evidence from the insurance company that the full restitution for damages had been paid. The hearing was conducted and as hoped and to some degree expected, there was no probable cause found. As a result, there is never a criminal record or evidence of the allegation.
RESULT: Leaving the Scene Charge DOES NOT Issue Against Client