March 9th 2012
Threats to commit a crime Chapter 275 Section 2
Client, an employee of a local hospital, was charged with threats against the new girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend. The police alleged that she repeatedly called the woman with nearly fifty texts and finally threatened to hurt the other person and made a voicemail stating that she was “on her way”. Client was very concerned since this would be her first criminal offense. Client took steps prior to the hearing that included therapeutic treatment and aftercare for her unstable emotional state. Attorney Barabino presented the medical documentation along with an explanation of what occurred. After hearing from both parties, The Clerk Magistrate was in agreement that a resolution to keep it open for six months and that no complaint would be filed. The application for the complaint would be dismissed in six months. This case would never appear on client's record, nor on any background check.
RESULT: Application for Complaint, DISMISSED.