Indecent Assault and Battery Investigation CLOSED.

September 25th 2020
Indecent Assault and Battery Investigation Closed
Client was a very bright young man who was alleged to have inappropriately touched a relative on multiple occasions. The police began an investigation. Client retained Attorney Barabino and the process of advocating for client began. As with any allegation, we made contact with the investigators. we assure the police that the lines of communication remain open and should charges be considered we will appear, if requested, in court and no warrant is necessary, among other considerations. Here, we began an elaborate process of educating the investigators of who the client was detailing the background and history of his entire life. We provided a detailed memorandum with significant attachments such as college transcripts among the trove of exhibits. We also supplemented the memorandum with an assortment of affidavits in support of the client’s good character. In the end, no charges have been brought. Case Closed.
RESULT: Indecent Assault and Battery Investigation CLOSED.