Improper Storage of a Firearm Does Not Issue.

February 6th 2024
Improper Storage of a Firearm
Client was an all-around solid, hard worker father who was charged with Improper Storage of a Firearm. Father, while home with adult son, had a brief argument regarding proper firearms handling. Son, called police asking them to intervene. Police came to the home and politely and professionally made inquiry to the situation and made observations of various storage procedures that were in place. They concluded that there was a justification for a charge of improper storage of a firearm and a clerk magistrate hearing was scheduled. In preparation for the hearing Attorney Barabino developed a probable cause memorandum as well as a background affidavit of the client. Additionally, they enrolled client in a remedial program for the safe keeping of firearms. In the end, no probable cause was found.
RESULT: Improper Storage of a Firearm Does Not Issue.