Identity Fraud Dismissed

December 7, 2020
Identity Fraud
Client was a very pleasant young mother and aspiring police officer. According to police, she is alleged to have opened credit card accounts in other people’s names. However, we knew this wasn’t true—in fact we knew it was the client’s sister who did it. In fact, the client’s sister gave a recorded statement to police. First, Attorney Barabino removed the defendant's default warrant. The court was accommodating and was able to quickly remove the default without client even appearing in court. Then, client and Attorney Barabino began to prepare for the arraignment. Attorney Barabino sent several legal briefs to the District Attorney. One such brief was a motion to dismiss, which was reviewed by the attentive District Attorney, who agreed that the case should be dismissed prior to arraignment. The only issue remaining was the evidence of the warrant on her otherwise spotless record which was expunged after weeks of effort with a remarkably attentive and consciousness probation chief.
RESULT: Motion to Dismiss Allowed Pre-Arraignment.