February 15th 2024
Assault & Battery on a Police Officer
Felony Assault with a Dangerous Weapon
Refuse to Identity Self
Fail to Stop for Police
Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle
6 Civil Violations
Immediate Threat Designator
Client was pleasant young man who enjoyed driving his motorcycle, much, much faster than he should. Client had in the past had his license suspended by the RMV, but an all-around solid, young man with no record. While driving his motorcycle faster than he should, the police saw him and attempted to pull him over and he declined to pull over. He continued on his motor vehicle operation at excessive speeds. Police pursued him as best as they could at these excessive speeds and client continued to elude police. Client was stopped at a stop sign when a state police trooper came up behind him and got in front of his motorcycle. He tried to take the key out and the defendant resisted. Eventually, client drove the motorcycle forward physically pushed the trooper into traffic with his motorcycle. Client then sped off and client had no license plate which made identification challenging for Police. However, the police were undeterred. The state police fugitive apprehension team used a variety of sophisticated techniques to determine who he may be, which included a review of like motorcycles and people in the area who had owned one, the similarity of the chain worn by the defendant as comparable to the chain he wore in his driving license photograph. The case generated a variety of media attention as well, which can place more pressure on the decision makers, since the behavior of the defendant was not admirable or justified. Eventually, the warrant apprehension team came to the location of the defendant’s home with large swath of police officers. The defendant was arrested and released at arraignment. Eventually, the case made it thought the court system. The trooper attended the sentencing and was decent and respectful and genuinely upset over the incident. It was a close call, but the judge didn’t sentence to jail or more importantly any felony conviction.
RESULT: Client Avoids Both Felony Convictions and No Jail. All Civil Violation are NOT Responsible.