Gun Permit Appeal, Decision Reversed

August 15, 2020
Gun Permit Appeal
Client was former U.S. Army Officer and Attorney. He applied for a firearm license following all the rules of regulations that his Chief of Police requires. Inexplicitly, he didn’t receive a response after he applied. Months went by and the applicant inquired to the Chief requesting if he be apprised of the status of the application. The Chief simply didn’t call back. Finally, a letter was sent requesting that the application be denied so that he could appeal to the District Court judge. A complaint with filed against the Chief in District Court and a hearing held. The judge ruled a partial victory for the applicant and remanded the case to the Chief. The Chief once again delayed his response and when he did respond, did so ineffectively. The applicant filed a motion for summary judgment that was treated as a motion for reconsideration by the judge and application for the permit was ALLOWED, and the judge ordered the Permit to issue, FORTHWITH.
RESULT: Firearm Permit Ordered to Issue, FORTHWITH.