Malicious Destruction of Property, Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, NOT GUILTY OF ALL COUNTS

November 7th 2011
Malicious Destruction of Property
Assault with a Dangerous Weapon
Client was high-valued government manager with the US Air Force--employed as a civilian. His job entailed national security details and any conviction would likely have resulted in a revocation of his security clearance. A revocation of his clearance would likely have also led to the termination of his career. According to the police, client went to a home a person he had a disagreement with earlier in the evening. The police alleged that the client took out a baseball bat and assaulted complainant and damaged his car. The client was with several other friends all who settled the matter prior to trial. Attorney Barabino’s client refused to be pressured into any deal and wanted his record clean. His accuser earnestly took the witness stand, which resulted in several inconsistent statements that consequentially damaged the complainant’s story. Attorney Barabino’s client also took the stand and at the end received justice---both counts ruled not guilty.