May 15th 2024
Secretly Photographing or Videotaping a Nude or Partially Nude Person.
Disorderly Conduct.
A most pleasant and accomplished was traveling from Boston to the West Coast. Client was an accomplished and well respected post-doctoral level senior analyst and liaison government agency. Client had an excellent reputation and possessed a top-security clearance due to the sensitive nature of his work. While in the airport bathroom he was accused of snapping a photograph of a young man in the adjoining bathroom. A brief interaction and dispute occurred among the two and eventually, client was arrested at the scene. He was brought to court and charged with videotaping a (partially) nude person and disorderly conduct. He was placed on a high cash bail and the case was referred to the superior court department for consideration of indictment given the seriousness of the charges. Without delay, at my request, client flew to a prearranged expert in matters relating to the type of behavior. That expert performed a detailed in-depth summary. In that time, much discussion review of the client, his background and history were examined and communicated with the representative District Attorney. After much review, a detailed review of the phone over the year, an agreement was made to stop the prosecution for a period of 18 months, the client agree to go to therapy during this period and he does not have to return to court, the matter will simply be dismissed.
RESULT: Government Ceases Prosecution of the Matter---and Agrees to Dismiss, Pending 18 Months Therapy Completion.