For a Fee Charge DISMISSED

November 10th 2022
Sexual Conduct for a Fee
A hard working software engineer was caught sting operation by a variety of law enforcement entities. As a result, he was charged with solicitation of a prostitute. This was his second time being in this situation, but the prior charge was dismissed. The sting operation was widely publicized, and the government used all the resources available to prosecute. That included bodycam footage and subpoenas of google accounts of the client. However, Attorney Barabino had a concern that the extraction of the money in his pocket preceded the arrest and as a result that the “search” was not constitutional. As a result, Attorney Barabino provided a legal memorandum and motion for hearing with supporting affidavits. A hearing was scheduled but after discussion with the prosecutors an offer was made for client to enter a 16-hour instruction computer class on the impacts of prostitution. In exchange the matter would be dismissed. Whereas this is the clients second time with this charge, the result was a most favorable one.
RESULT: Case DISMISSED upon the completion of 16-Hour Prostitution Class