May 20th 2019
FIRST OFFENSE OUI- Liquor or .08%
Negligent Operation of Motor Vehicle
Registration Suspended, Operation
Uninsured Motor Vehicle
Client was pleasant graduate student at a local college. Although studying locally she was not from the area and sought to move away from Massachusetts in the fairly near future. As a result, she was eager to bring this case to a predictable resolution. According to police, the client tapped a car and then went into a liquor store and purchased nips. The customer service at the liquor stated she was already intoxicated when she arrived at the store. When police arrived she was consuming the nips she had just bought. The police stated she failed the field sobriety test and also admitted to drinking since early morning. She also blew the Breathalyzer machine, which although not admissible evidence came in at three times the legal limit. In the end, Attorney Barabino clients wanted a deal and no trial and he negotiated all the charges dismissed with the exception of the OUI charge, which if she completes probation is dismissed. She was also granted a travel permit to go as she pleases to out of state obligations.
RESULT: ALL CHARGES DISMISSED, with Exception of OUI Charge, which will be DISMISSED, If client completes the standard OUI program. No other conditions of probation and can maintain travel permit to travel as desired.