Felony will be Dismissed in 36 Months if Successful Probation.  

October 27th 2023
Enticing a Child Under 16
Client was a very pleasant young college student that was charged with enticing a child under the age of 16. This charge is a felony charge which, if found guilty of the charge requires that the client register with the sex offender registry board as a registered sex offender. A felony charge is the most serious as it comes with many secondary penalties including the Sex Offender Registration requirement, if guilty. The strategy in this case was to avoid the guilty conviction with an alternative plea. This alternative plea would prevent a conviction, and in doing so would also avoid the sex offender registry, entirely. While reviewing the evidence the Commonwealth had, we also prepared what would make a persuasive plea before a judge. That included, background data on the family member and developing affidavits of support, then background memorandum and related materials. Also, included in preparation was the hiring of an expert to determine if there was a sexual deviancy that was present and undiagnosed. Fortunately, the evaluation from the evaluator came back very positive and we presented to the court. Today, the court determined that they would not enter a guilty conviction despite being asked by the District Attorney. Also, because of getting an alternative disposition with no conviction, there is no obligation for a sex offender registry. The client will have to perform therapy, no social media and avoid contact with any non-family member under 16.
RESULT: Felony will be Dismissed in 36 Months if Successful Probation.