Felony Diversion Successful

September 14th 2021
Obtaining Drug by Fraud
Client was a super pleasant young man. A combination of factors led his down the path to take a moderate amount of a prescription drug at his employment. He knew it was wrong and in the chaos of life didn’t recognize how wrong it was. The employer called police, client made a heartfelt admission. Although, he resigned from his job, he had to deal with felony charges. Attorney Barabino and client began an in-depth interview and preparation. Attorney Barabino prepared a long memorandum on pre-trial diversion, complete with a significant background memorandum and affidavits. Prior, to the arraignment, and agreement was struck where client would enter therapy and drug testing and the client, if successful, would NEVER have the charges issued. The difference here is that the case was dismissed, prior to arraignment so no employment or agency will ever know what occurred.
RESULT: Felony Diversion Successful