Felony Charge(s) Do Not Issue.

March 23rd 2023
Larceny over $1200
Unlawful Possession of a Theft Detection Device
Unlawful Deactivation or Removal of Theft Detection Device
Client was a young man with no criminal record. According to police, he was in a higher end store with another individual when security from the story concluded that he was stealing high end jackets. Security then contacted the local police who then traveled to the store. When the security tried to apprehend the youth, he ran, but were stopped by police and an arrest was made. They were interviewed in the store security office and asked some questions. It was then that they discovered that the client had a basic, but sophisticated device that was able to deactivate the security tags on the clothing. Client was booked and charged with a variety of felony offenses. Fortunately, client was charged and released on a weekend before the arraignment where he met with Attorney Barabino. It was during this weekend strategy session Attorney Barabino developed a plan to petition the court, pre-arraignment for a judicial diversion. On the day of arraignment, the plan was deemed successful, and he was deferred for consideration of diversion. The importance of that brief diversion cannot be understated since, if successfully admitted to diversion, he never gets arraigned, and the case never shows up in a court document. As the process went, client was successfully admitted to the diversion and completed a required program. The next scheduled court date the case was dismissed, BEFORE it was arraigned, leaving no evidence or any wrongdoing, anywhere.
RESULT: Felony Charge(s) Do Not Issue.