Felony Charge of Larceny from a Building is DISMISSED.

October 5th 2023
Larceny from a Building
Client was a pleasant, retired professional who found himself unexpectedly charged with a Felony criminal offense while gambling at a local casino. The case was involved an inattentive and inexperienced gambler and a variety of other factors, which led to him being charged. Client stopped at the casino for a moment to burn some time. While there, he played the slots on a variety of machines. One such machine had slightly over $1,000.00 inside it when he sat down and played. He eventually played a few hands and then went over and cashed out his winnings of slightly more than what was inside the machine already. The casino called him suggested that he stole money which he found particularly and understandably offensive. Apparently, what had occurred was that there was another gambler that was playing at the machine but had stepped away to use the bathroom leaving his winnings inside the machine. Client had no idea that there were winnings already inside. In the end, client came to Attorney wanted this fixed and solved. He wanted it to avoid the cost of personal expense of a trial---and inherent unpredictability of its outcomes and (reasonably so) didn’t want any admission of wrongdoing. Attorney Barabino did that and the case was Dismissed today, upon the payment of the money that they say was taken.
RESULT: Felony Charge of Larceny from a Building is DISMISSED.